Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why Do You Need a NY DWI Defense Attorney?

Actually, let’s put a finer point on it: why do you need Catalano & Carpenter LLP as your DWI defense attorneys?

Do you perform your own dental work? How about your own surgeries? Hell, I won’t even attempt to work on my own car, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone there! But you still think you can defend your own DWI?

There’s a reason each of those areas have people devoted solely to practicing them, people called professionals. Because it just makes sense to leave those tasks to the people who know what they’re doing, who have trained for years with the very instruments needed to solve your problem; people who know what they’re looking at and what they’re talking about. And for better or worse, that includes attorneys.  

A “professional” is a person engaged or qualified in a profession; basically someone who can honestly say "[this] is my thing." The law is an attorney's "thing." More specifically, DWI is a DWI defense attorney's thing, and in some ways a lot like that car engine of yours that knocks on the highway: there's something not quite right with it, you know it, no doubt in your mind. But if you take that engine apart yourself to fix that knock, you're just going to end up needing a new car... with no trade-in to help! 

When it comes to your DWI, I’ll bet most of you feel the same way: "There’s something squirrelly about that stop/arrest/cop/machine/(insert issue of your choice here) because I know I wasn’t drunk!"

And you may be right! But how are you going to prove it? Go into court and ask the cop a bazillion irrelevant and potentially damaging questions until you hopefully stumble upon the real problem? Argue ineffectively with the judge until he or she hopefully agrees with you just to shut you up? Or stare at the pages of discovery that mean absolutely nothing to you until you go cross-eyed and decide to fake it?

Trust me, I’ve seen each of those approaches in action (by pro se defendants AND ill-prepared attorneys) and I wouldn’t recommend any one of them. You go down that road and you’ll be no better off than the person with a car engine in a 100 different pieces on the floor in front of them…sure you may have found the problem, but the engine - and ultimately the car - is in all likelihood lost forever.  

DWI defense is not - and absolutely cannot - be approached in the same manner as a first-day auto shop student gutting a 1970 Gremlin. It requires recognition of very specific – and often very technical – legal and scientific issues. And once those issues are spotted, it’s even more important to know what to do with them! (“Uh…I know this weird little octopus-looking thing came from something important on that engine…”).  This can only be done accurately and effectively by an experienced and knowledgeable DWI defense attorney (notice that I said DWI defense attorney, not criminal defense attorney…see my previous article for more on that).

The DWI defense attorneys of Catalano & Carpenter LLP have that experience and knowledge. And even the smallest issue in the hands of an attorney who actually knows what to do with it has the potential to dramatically improve the outcome of your case.

If you want to get rid of that troublesome and potentially disastrous knock in your engine, you need a professional to fix it as soon as possible so you can keep moving forward.

You need Catalano & Carpenter LLP. Call us today at (845) 454-1919 or visit us online to schedule a free DWI consultation.