Thursday, June 4, 2015

DUI from a whip-it?!?!?

So according to the article in the link below, a young lady was arrested in Tennessee after crashing into a few mailboxes (and allegedly leaving the scene of an earlier accident). She was subsequently charged with DWI (or DUI in TN) after the arresting officers discovered quite a few cans of whipped cream and receipts in her car. 
This should be a fun one to defend! The high from a nitrous cartridge lasts all of what, 15 to 20 seconds (or, uh, so I've heard...)? Any impairment (if she were actually taking hits while driving) would have all but disappeared by the time the police arrived, rendering any field sobriety test entirely useless and unreliable. Obviously, there's no BAC, and you can forget about a blood test. Granted, this is Tennessee, but here in New York, based on what I gathered from the article, she'd be looking at maybe a reckless driving, at worst!

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