Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy 2016 from Catalano & Carpenter LLP!!!

A new year! A time for new exercise routines, getting organized, re-evaluation, and new beginnings!

Don’t start your new year and the first day of the rest of your life off with a DWI arrest, or worse!

Just like every other year, law enforcement officers will be out on increased DWI patrols this holiday. They will be looking for even the smallest reason to pull someone over on the off-chance that person is intoxicated. You know it. Everyone knows it. You’ve seen them out there before. Maybe they’ve even pulled you over in years past for whatever reason. So why be that person this year? You’re smarter than that.

Think you’re good enough to avoid being pulled over? There will also undoubtedly be sobriety checkpoints around. Funny thing about checkpoints, cops like to set them up in a location that limits your ability to avoid it. And flipping a u-turn before you get to it WILL draw the cop’s attention to you.

Personally, I’m not a huge New Year’s Eve fan. I prefer to stay in, have a nice dinner, watch some football, and maybe have a drink or two without the stress of having to drive or be on the road with those people who have no respect for anyone else and are driving while intoxicated. But I get it, it’s a fun holiday! A reason to celebrate! So if you are going out, be sure you have a designated driver (and be sure that DD doesn’t sneak a few drinks), or have money for a cab, or walk, or sleep where you pass out. Just don’t drive after you’ve been drinking.

The consequence of a DWI arrest – before you’ve even been convicted of anything – are severe. They include, at a minimum, suspension of your license or privilege to drive and the significant expenses of 1) obtaining a conditional license, 2) obtaining a substance abuse evaluation and 3) hiring a DWI defense attorney. You’re already looking at several thousand dollars right there, just from being arrested.

And if you’re convicted, forget about it. That’s at least another several thousand dollars in fines, surcharges, fees for classes, another conditional license, the ignition interlock device, DMV administrative fees and the damage to your insurance. Those commercials that get your attention by warning you that even your first DWI can cost you around $10,000 are pretty accurate!! Save yourself the trouble and the money.

Make 2016 your best year yet! Don’t start it in jail, in debt and embarrassed. 

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