Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

A sincere Happy Cinco de Mayo to all our Mexican friends (and to everyone else who just uses the holiday as an excuse to drink)!

Since it IS a holiday that lends itself to excessive drinking, you can bet your maracas that there will be enhanced police patrols out there today into tonight looking for buzzed, drugged and drunk drivers. Might even come across a DWI checkpoint or two! And they’ll be stopping cars for minor infractions they wouldn’t normally even think twice about. So when that thought creeps into your head after that third, fourth or tenth cerveza telling you you’re good to drive, shut it down…just like the Mexican army did to the French in 1862!! Little Cinco de Mayo trivia for ya’ there…  You’re welcome.

If you are going to have a few today, be smart enough to think ahead and designate a DD. And if those unplanned tequila shots sneak up on you, call a cab or walk. You don’t like to call cabs because they’re too expensive? How about a DWI grand total somewhere in the vicinity of $5,000 to $10,000? Even if you end up hailing the world's most expensive cab that charges half that, you're still ahead of the game! 

But if you do find yourself on the heavy, steely, handcuffed end of a DWI stop, the only smart thing you could have done to that point would have been to save our number in your phone first. Put it in there now, Catalano & Carpenter LLP at (845) 454-1919 or our after-hours number at (914) 512-7641. Have fun! Be safe! You’re not the only person in danger when you drive drunk!        

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