Friday, May 8, 2015

High BAC? Call C&C!

Criminal defense attorneys love to brag about that one client they represented who had that crazy high BAC, we’re talking like a .28! “Wow,” says whoever is listening, “what happened with the case?” “I pled him out to the Aggravated DWI; what else can you do with a BAC like that?!” Whereupon my tongue immediately starts to bleed from the involuntary pressure of my teeth...
But my inner DWI defense attorney (who is just a little chippier than the outside DWI defense attorney) is absolutely SCREAMING!! What else can you do?!?! Uumm, how about A LOT!!!!
High BAC readings, from either a Draeger, Datamaster, Intoxilyzer or even blood tests can be intimidating to someone not experienced enough to understand that they are looking at a potentially huge opportunity. But a skilled DWI defense attorney, like the ones here at Catalano & Carpenter LLP, sees that opportunity and immediately goes to work in attempting to debunk the BAC because, yes, in some instances that can actually be done! But your attorney has to know how. Unfortunately, not all criminal/DWI defense attorneys do. I'm guessing you probably want yours to, tho.
All DWI convictions can cause significant problems for anyone who has to live with it, including innocent family members who have to pick up the slack. But Aggravated and Felony DWI convictions can be downright devastating resulting in higher fines, longer periods of license revocation, and a better chance of incarceration. If you have been charged with Aggravated DWI (BAC of .18 or higher) or Felony DWI, you need a DWI defense attorney who knows how to defend against those most serious of DWI offenses; you need Catalano & Carpenter LLP. Call (845) 454-1919 today to schedule a free consultation.

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